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Welcome to Broadband Convergent founded by Leonard Grace, an industry leader in convergent news reporting on Broadband, Cable, Mobile, and Telecom industries providing strategic direction, business trending, market analysis,  sprinkled with lots of opinion.

Technology executives must focus on key business indicators with fast, effective and researched analytics to provide leading edge decisions that propel their organizations ahead of the competition. Broadband Convergent researches the latest trends, strategy, and analysis to deliver the results executives and managers depend on to make strategic business decisions.

Whether it is (to-market-strategy), the latest competitive advantage, leading edge technology or legislative updates; Broadband Convergent is on top of intelligence gathering and reporting to make industry leaders comfortable with making decisions based on our findings.

Our company is a leader in providing fast, efficient, and economical insights into competitive markets, business strategies, market trends and the future outlook of the legislative landscape.

Leonard has produced over 250 highly researched articles providing a unique perspective on current Broadband trends including Cable, Mobile, Wireless and Telecom sectors. His insights dig down to find the why’s and whatnot’s of industry decisions and how those effect the convergence in¬†broadband markets.


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