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FreedomPop Home Internet Arrives in 2013: Apocalypse for Existing Broadband Providers

Niklas Zennstrom Co-Founder Skype

Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom knows disruption. Skype was a tremendously disruptive product, leveraging peer-to-peer technology to carry voice, it continues to be an incredibly powerful force in the disruption of voice applications. Skype has changed the way people see voice apps in how it … [Read more...]

Shakeout in the MBaaS Mobile Backend-as-a-Service Space

MBaaS Service Graphic

Have you been reading about the "Series A Crunch"? Alexia Tsotis (who should know!) compared the situation now to the famous RIP Good Times email that came out of Sequoia in 2008. RIP Good Times (Again)… — Alexia Tsotsis (@alexia) November 28, 2012 The short … [Read more...]

Hurricane Sandy? Lessons from Kii Cloud MBaaS, Carrier-Grade MBaaS


Data center reliability blues? Hurricane Sandy knocked a lot of major data centers and parts of the Internet offline. From this article on the San Jose Mercury News: BuzzFeed began publishing section-by-section content to the blogging platform Tumblr. It also worked with Akamai, a content … [Read more...]

Disruption, Leverage and MBaaS: Softbank is the Telco Platform of the Future

softbank layers

What is Softbank's strategy with its 20 billion dollar acquisition of Sprint? As I mentioned in a previous post, there are clearly significant macroeconomic leverage points with respect to Softbank's strategy TREMENDOUS LEVERAGE: Yen to dollar exchange rate is shockingly close to a 10-year … [Read more...]

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