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Broadband Industry News

News, research for convergence of broadband industry into mobile, wireless, telecom, cable markets

TelcoVision 2013: Adding Broadband to Conference Mix

TelcoVision 2013 Alternate Image

TelcoVision, formerly TelcoTV, is broadening its industry vision for their 2013 conference in Las Vegas, NV. While their primary focus has been on video, sponsors UBM and NTCA realized the importance of adding broadband as a primary and growing source of revenues for a Telco-Cable future. With the … [Read more...]

RST Global Communications LLC Brings World Class Fiber-Optic Technology to Enterprise, Businesses and Homes in N.C.

Gigabit Fiber Image surrounding globe

Real Fiber Network Delivers Super High Speed Connectivity via FTTP (Fiber To The Premises) Next Phase to Serve I-85 Corridor in N.C. and S.C. Shelby, North Carolina – Oct. 10, 2012 -- Businesses and consumers in North Carolina can now connect to the Internet and receive broadband services with … [Read more...]

Top Broadband Initiatives for President Obama

President Obama re-election image

Now that President Obama has been re-elected, it’s time to get down to business. We know that middle-class jobs are important for the economy to continue growing over the next four years. The broadband market becomes a launch-pad in opportunities to create needed jobs, if the right policies are set … [Read more...]

Understanding America’s Second Rate Broadband and Solutions

Googlel Community Logo for Fast Broadband

If we stop to ponder the reasons why America has a second-rate broadband infrastructure, behind many other industrialize countries, we only have to look at our private business model. Leaders talk about effective competition as a possible solution to the ills of virtual monopolies which flagrantly … [Read more...]

DSL Rings®: Solution to Fast Broadband without Fiber

DSL Rings Technology Diagram

Genesis Technical Systems has reported a groundbreaking solution in offering fast broadband over existing Phone Company’s copper infrastructure. DSL Rings is a patented technology which upgrades copper lines to provide 400 MB/s broadband speeds at a fraction of the cost to use expensive fiber to get … [Read more...]

Presidential Debate Misses on Broadband Being Key Economic Driver


The first Presidential Debate was all about creating jobs for the middle-class. But leaving out broadband as a key economic driver was an oversight and mistake by both candidates. Observers seemed more concerned with presentation, preparedness, and likeability. In essence, the focus incorrectly … [Read more...]

Dish Network Internet: Breaking with Bundled Video

Dish Network Satellite Receiver

Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH), announced the launch of DishNet this past week, a broadband TV service that will target rural areas of the US with a OTT (Over-The-Top) cable service for un-served or under-served consumers. Seeking to break with bundled video, the satellite TV provider is in current … [Read more...]

Obama – Romney on Broadband Policy

Map of Global Broadband Speed and Costs

With both Presidential candidates working diligently to gain support during the last days of a heated campaign, each has a general view of broadband policy innovation to carry America through the next four years. Speaking in generalities will not get the job done and both Obama and Romney should be … [Read more...]

How US Capitalism Allowed the Creation of Broadband Cartels

Image of Broadband Internet Tunnel

U.S. capitalism has long been envied as an American staple, promising innovation through competition, but delivering infinite corporate greed. This capitalistic model has been distorted, from originally intended, into a creation of Broadband Industry cartels. These DE Facto cartels control broadband … [Read more...]