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Genachowski: Extolling Broadband Leadership

Genachowski: Extolling Broadband Leadership

Genachowski: Extolling Broadband LeadershipMaybe it’s just an election year, but Julius Genachowski is extolling his leadership on the broadband innovation front, crafting the virtues of striking a balance between government and private sector in bringing the US to (head of the class) in worldwide fast broadband competitiveness.  Yes, that is correct, according to his recent article on TechCrunch. Touting an open Internet concept the FCC Chairman believes he has paved the way for private sector innovation in broadband speeds. One cannot argue his leadership ability in pushing an ambitious agenda while balancing regulatory and free enterprise economics.

Broadband Initiatives

Primarily, Mr. Genachowski is referring to the continued innovation on the 4G-LTE technology front as wireless service providers roll-out faster broadband, fueling new devices such as the iPhone 5 and Kindle Fire announced recently.  In other actions, Google’s foray into a broadband fiber initiative in Kansas City will bring 1-Gigabit-per-second service to new customers. This all could not be accomplished without a clear mandate by an administration committed to pushing our private sector to innovate. Realizing the need to know when to get out-of-the-way, letting private sectors do what they do best, the FCC Chairman’s leadership has proved invaluable.

Difficult Decisions

It is a difficult job to be a referee while sticking by a clear vision of innovation through competition. However, Genachowski took on the tough decisions, denying mergers that threaten competitive forces, pushing back on high-powered lobbyists, favoring an agenda to eliminate roadblocks which stood in the way of growth in broadband proliferation.  Realizing the “need for speed” on the broadband front, companies were encouraged to innovate and upgrade networks, therefore fueling device driven demand.

But as stated in his comments, the chairman knows that being a leader in broadband is only temporary less we understand the fragile nature of being #1. Continued innovation and competition are key components in making sure we stay at the top, where global businesses look to the US for their goods and services, where knowledge based partnerships both public and private, drive a thriving business environment. Globally, this is the standard we must inherit as achievement.


Inevitably, not understanding the complex nature of plentiful bandwidth could be a disaster as the US has moved to the forefront of global competition. In response to this threat driven by wireless demand that sees double-digit growth each year, the chairman has taken on the ambitious plan to free up needed spectrum, reallocating unused portions from both government and private sectors. His auction plan exemplifies a partnership approach to deal with a difficult situation. If he is successful in wrangling spectrum from private sector companies, his vision becomes reality.

It’s not often we see this kind of true leadership in government, one who is willing to take on the tough business environment and mold it into something which leads US businesses into a state of the art economic powerhouse.  This is the kind of leadership needed in government, tempered, vision oriented, and tough.

Chairman Julius Genachowski

Prior to his FCC appointment, Genachowski spent more than a decade working in the technology and media industries as an executive, investor, and board member. He was Chief of Business Operations and before that General Counsel at IAC/InterActiveCorp; Special Advisor at the private equity firm General Atlantic; and co-founder of the technology incubator LaunchBox Digital. (FCC BIO)

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Genachowski: Extolling Broadband Leadership
Genachowski: Extolling Broadband Leadership Leonard Grace (270 Posts)

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Genachowski: Extolling Broadband LeadershipGenachowski: Extolling Broadband LeadershipGenachowski: Extolling Broadband LeadershipGenachowski: Extolling Broadband LeadershipGenachowski: Extolling Broadband LeadershipGenachowski: Extolling Broadband Leadership

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    ya right.. look at home internet. we are so far behind other countries it is not even funny.. avg speed in this country is 3meg.