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AVAYA Links New Tools to Managing the Customer Experience

AVAYA Links New Tools to Managing the Customer Experience

AVAYA Links New Tools to Managing the Customer ExperienceSanta Clara, CA —Tuesday March 5, 2013 — Avaya today unveiled new, next generation analytics and customer interaction solutions that help harness the power of big data and the growing number of ways that customers want access to companies.  New Avaya Customer Experience Management solutions bring powerful new tools for mining and analyzing data, applications for expanding and synchronizing multichannel customer interactions and deployment options for virtualized environments. The new solutions help companies improve and streamline the customer experience through any access point at any moment in the customer life-cycle while increasing efficiency and adaptability in business operations.

Avaya’s Customer Experience Management analytics and multichannel solutions allow organizations to proactively address the multifaceted requirements and expectations of customers today. Many current technologies limit the ability to create an accurate picture – or contextual awareness – of the customer’s experience, their needs and behaviors. The growing number of customer interaction channels generates new challenges to delivering service across channels, yet also provide organizations with more opportunity than ever to extract valuable insights through smart analytics.

Avaya Customer Experience Management solutions enable enterprises to offer more personalized, seamless interactions that are built on a greater understanding of a customer’s situation, preferences and value.  Avaya’s unique solutions help companies deliver an exceptional brand experience that grows net promoter scores and ultimately, drives greater revenue – now boosted by the following new capabilities:

  • Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite Multichannel layers multichannel capabilities – including web chat, social media, SMS, IM, and email – onto the world’s leading, most reliable call center software. Elite Multichannel makes it easier for organizations to add new access channels and manage cross-channel customer experiences. Existing Call Center Elite users can add multichannel with minimal disruption to operations or reporting systems.
  • Avaya Automated Chat integrates with live chat support to deliver more responsive, personalized online service. Avaya Automated Chat can improve customer satisfaction with faster, more accurate responses delivered through an intelligent response engine and streamline the transition from self-service to live service. Agent resources can be used more effectively and lower the cost of serving customers. An optional feature, Answer Desk, allows non-chat agents to tap the automation engine to quickly get answers for their non-chat customer contacts.
  • Avaya Speech Analytics integrates the actual voice of the customer into performance management practices. Avaya Speech Analytics mines voice-based customer interactions to deliver business intelligence that might otherwise be missed in text-based or manual analyses for insights that can drive process improvements, support regulatory compliance and identify new sources of revenue.
  • Avaya Contact Flow Analytics enables organizations to find and remedy call flow issues through a number of visualization tools, including flow graphs, dashboards and tabular reports. Currently available through Avaya Professional Services, Contact Flow Analytics provides information about the effectiveness and efficiency of routing, agent performance and the overall customer experience.

With the addition of Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Multichannel, Avaya now delivers a complete virtualization solution for contact centers. Avaya Customer Experience Virtualized Environment provides organizations with Avaya contact center applications such as skills-based routing, multi-channel interactions, reporting and self-service capabilities optimized VMware environments. Avaya Customer Experience Virtualized Environment enables companies to simplify and accelerate deployment of sophisticated contact center applications while maintaining world-class functionality and reliability.

To support the growing demands on organizations, Avaya Contact Center Optimization services from Avaya Professional Services offers full customer experience management life-cycle consulting to determine the right solution for any situation. Avaya Contact Center Optimization services draw on the skills of Avaya consultants who are specialists in business strategy, solution road mapping and operational improvement, as well as experts at building and optimizing applications that improve customer experience and integrate into any business and technology environment.

“Companies today are struggling to keep pace with serving customers the way they need to be served to increase their lifetime value. Customers want convenience, but on the business side, delivering on convenience can be incredibly complex. Avaya’s customer experience management analytics tools coupled with our multichannel interaction solutions replaces guesswork with certainty to support strategic decisions that enable a more personal, streamlined experience that is integrated across channels throughout the customer’s journey.”

Mark de la Vega, Vice President & General Manager Contact Center Business Unit, Avaya


  • 33% of organizations implementing Big Data are doing so for customer facing initiatives — a number expected to grow.**
  • 78% of consumers say they will only buy from businesses that make it easy for them, and one-third of consumers believe convenience is more important than choice.*
  • 82% of customers say they use multiple channels to meet their needs, but only 17 % felt changing channels was an easy, seamless experience.
  • Use of web chat is growing and is now up to 26% — a 36% increase over the previous year.*
  • 22% of companies have multimodal contact centers currently with another 44% evaluating and planning implementations.**

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AVAYA Links New Tools to Managing the Customer Experience
AVAYA Links New Tools to Managing the Customer Experience
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AVAYA Links New Tools to Managing the Customer ExperienceAVAYA Links New Tools to Managing the Customer ExperienceAVAYA Links New Tools to Managing the Customer ExperienceAVAYA Links New Tools to Managing the Customer ExperienceAVAYA Links New Tools to Managing the Customer ExperienceAVAYA Links New Tools to Managing the Customer Experience