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Comcast’s Final NBCU Stake: Vertical Integration Complete

NBC-Universal-Comcast (NBC Building Sign)

Comcast’s acquired the final stake in NBCU creating a vertical integration of both content and delivery of news and entertainment to U.S. consumers. Divestiture as a remedy should be viewed as a real possibility for Comcast now as its market power moves to dominate competitors. Although Wall Street … [Read more...]

The Cable Industry’s Machiavellian Hold on Consumers

Machiavellian Poster titled Change Ahead

The Cable Industry has what could be characterized as a Machiavellian hold on consumers with its massive distribution system using opportunistic methods on outdated hardware.  Yes, the technology being used, the notorious set-top-box (STB) can only be described as throw-back to what cable executives … [Read more...]

MPVD Market Indicates Long-Term Losses to OTT without Intervention

OTT Screenshot of available services

Customer trending for current MPVD market long-term looks bleak if cable and satellite operators do not come up with serious intervention tactics. That is the report released by ABI Research on Oct 22, 2012 as indications of continual MVPD sub loss on at least a 0.5% scale annually. This may not … [Read more...]

LHN to ESPN: Where’s the Beef?

Longhorn Network All Access Logo

LHN (Longhorn Network) owned by University of Texas, Austin, TX, created LHN supposedly to offer the huge fan base the college has garnered in the US access to their sports program. A recent contract between LHN and ESPN for exclusive rights has backfired with University of Texas fans, saying … [Read more...]

TV Everywhere: Back from Dead – Will Customers Stop Cord-Cutting?

Adobe Primetime Video Software Image

Troubles for cable TV operators trying to extend their product coverage via the TV Everywhere concept may be a thing of the past as authentication software is catching up to customer demand.  During the Olympic Games cable customers were able to watch streaming content via multiple devices realizing … [Read more...]

Comcast Xfinity Customers Receive Unprecedented Access to Olympic Coverage

Comcast - NBC 2012 Olympic Coverage

Comcast’s Xfinity TV Brings Customers NBCUniversal’s Coverage of 2012 London Summer Olympic Games July 25 – August 12 Video Subscribers Gain Access to Unprecedented Live Coverage on Multiple Platforms – All 32 Sports and 302 Medal Events PHILADELPHIA, PA  -  July 23, 2012 Comcast’s Xfinity … [Read more...]

Cable Act Regulation Revisited: How to Arrive at Inequity


Regulation Fosters Market Inequities; Competition Fosters Innovation and Price Competitiveness The Senate recently debated the effectiveness of the long-standing 1992 Cable Act, resulting from continued high-profile disputes over broadcaster and cable company carriage fees. These disputes have … [Read more...]

Comcast Stock: Forecast Indicates Trouble Ahead

Comcast Stock IV_large_4497064304

Comcast (CMCSA) is on a downward trend as analysts predict the stock to decline during the remainder of fiscal year 2012. The bearish market is a factor along with market maturity of the cable industry. As that traditional Cable TV sector continues to lose subscribers the company relentlessly pushes … [Read more...]

Phil Shifley Goes Viral: Direct TV vs. Cable Industry

Phil Shifley watching TV in Direct TV Ad

Who is Phil Shifley? A character created by Grey Group for Direct TV (NASDAQ: DTV), depicted in the latest ad to lampoon the cable industry, goes viral, now with his own Facebook page. Phil Shifley, a fictional consumer is depicted watching a blank TV screen while waiting for the “The Cable Guy”, … [Read more...]