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LTE and Small Cells Key Topics at Mobile World Congress 2013: Post-Show Wrap-Up

Mobile Word Congress: Samsung Booth Visitors

Now that Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona has come to a close, our main takeaway, particularly with regard to mobile infrastructure, is that the industry continues to move forward in its thoughts and plans to address increased bandwidth needs and drive revenue from the networks with value … [Read more...]

4G LTE Service Revenue to Exceed $340 Billion by 2017

4G LTE Connected Device in Vehicle

Hampshire, UK – 13th February 2013: A new report from Juniper Research finds that 4G LTE revenues are set to grow rapidly, reaching more than $340 billion by 2017 globally, compared to just over $75 billion this year. This figure will represent approximately 31% of total service revenues from all … [Read more...]

Mobile: Bring Your Own Device to Work

Samsung BOYD Infographic

BYOD, or (bring your own device to work) seems to be a critical tool for employees to get the most out of work productivity. The findings were released from a recent survey conducted by Samsung Mobile released at the CES 2013 Show in Las Vegas. The study revealed a significant disconnect between … [Read more...]

Mobile Carriers and LTE: Top 5 Industry Predictions for 2013

Vitesse Semiconductor Image

Highlighting Mobile Carriers and LTE, Vitesse offers top five industry predictions for 2013. Vitesse’s Chief Technology Officer Martin Nuss and Director of Product Marketing Uday Mudoi shared their thoughts on what will be big in the coming year: Carrier LTE deployments will double to create 200+ … [Read more...]

Broadband in the User Space – Predictions for 2013

Mobile Backhaul Chart - Predicting Growth

If we contemplate broadband as a user space, predicting 2013 innovation and growth in that space, clearly becomes a wireless-mobile solution.  From device proliferation across many platforms the wireless space is at the epicenter of market domination going into 2013. Many things are happening that … [Read more...]

The Need for Timing Synchronization Technology for 4G/LTE Networks

Microwave Tower Silhouette

Mobile network operators are coping with coverage and capacity issues to meet the ever-increasing amount of mobile data and video traffic from smart phones and tablets. However, conserving capex and opex are top of mind for operators, even before they consider additional revenue opportunities from … [Read more...]

Should Wireless Carriers be required to Back-up Cell Towers?


Lets’ be realistic when we ask if government should act as “big brother” and require Wireless Industry carriers to back-up cell towers in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. This issue came to light before Sandy began its rampage on the East Coast this past week. As reported by the Huffington Post, … [Read more...]

Disruption, Leverage and MBaaS: Softbank is the Telco Platform of the Future

softbank layers

What is Softbank's strategy with its 20 billion dollar acquisition of Sprint? As I mentioned in a previous post, there are clearly significant macroeconomic leverage points with respect to Softbank's strategy TREMENDOUS LEVERAGE: Yen to dollar exchange rate is shockingly close to a 10-year … [Read more...]

Leverage: Sprint Softbank Japan and Sumo vs Judo


Sumo: How to Throw 20B of Mass You've probably seen the 20+ billion dollar deal that will leave Softbank of Japan owning 70 percent of U.S. telco Sprint. There are layers upon layers of rationale for any deal of that size, but here are some of the common themes. Leverage: Yen to dollar … [Read more...]