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Safeguards to Prevent Massacres Vs Gun Control

Newton Massacre showing families walking together

If we continue down our current path of having to deal with crises that are unimaginable, as with the recent Connecticut shootings, then we should at least implore some logic in initiating safeguards to prevent future episodes. That is easy to say, but inevitably our emotional awareness and guilt of … [Read more...]

FreedomPop Home Internet Arrives in 2013: Apocalypse for Existing Broadband Providers

Niklas Zennstrom Co-Founder Skype

Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom knows disruption. Skype was a tremendously disruptive product, leveraging peer-to-peer technology to carry voice, it continues to be an incredibly powerful force in the disruption of voice applications. Skype has changed the way people see voice apps in how it … [Read more...]

Shakeout in the MBaaS Mobile Backend-as-a-Service Space

MBaaS Service Graphic

Have you been reading about the "Series A Crunch"? Alexia Tsotis (who should know!) compared the situation now to the famous RIP Good Times email that came out of Sequoia in 2008. RIP Good Times (Again)… — Alexia Tsotsis (@alexia) November 28, 2012 The short … [Read more...]

“Eastwooding”: Hijacking Republican Party Buzz

The Republican National Convention (RNC)

Before we get into a rant about Clint Eastwood as a speaker at the Republican Convention last week, we must understand his past abilities in speaking. Clint has never been a good speaker, especially unscripted. Remembering past attempts, notably at various Hollywood award ceremonies, the … [Read more...]

America Forgets Competition is Key to Middle-Class Success

Jobs Reform Act Poster

Yes, America has forgotten what made it the greatest nation on earth; a competitive business model which produced low priced, innovative products sold worldwide, which in turn created sustainable jobs for the middle-class American therefore driving economic success. Our future as a nation should be … [Read more...]

Defrauding America: Inside Job

image of bank vault with Inside Job in text

As often happens in searching for interesting subjects, my attention was recently drawn to a documentary by Sony Classic Pictures titled Inside Job. Produced, written, and directed by Charles Ferguson, this riveting Academy Award winner documents events, players, and ultimately the greed which … [Read more...]

Charlie Sheen: When News Vs Opinion Collide

Charlie Sheen Image

Ok, I admit that the media blitz surrounding Charlie Sheen has captivated my attention for the last couple of days. What is going on with Charlie? What seems to be a gawker type relationship with both media and public, all wondering with anticipation what is going to happen next, Charlie breezes … [Read more...]

The Blog; is this a “double edged sword” for employees and companies?

It is evident to me that the blog is here to stay. It is being embraced with more confidence by more and more companies each day. Since this is a medium that is open to anyone, consumers, businesses, and commentators, the blog has become a “well oiled machine” in creating dialogue with companies and … [Read more...]