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Retransmission Consent News

Retransmission Consent News and its impact on Broadcast and Cable TV Industry market

Retransmission Consent: Nonsense of Scale

Hearings on Retransmission Consent

Retransmission Consent negotiations continue to be in the news as broadcasters and pay-tv operators square-off to present their cases to the FCC why current rules should stay as they are, or be revamped to consider current economics and market conditions that create opposite interests, and therefore … [Read more...]

Retransmission Consent: Regulating Into Inequity

Retransmission Consent Meeting

According to recent negotiation debacles based on current Retransmission Consent Rules, regulations adopted in 1997 by the FCC in a (5-4) Supreme Court Decision, entitling broadcasters to negotiate terms of carriage from Pay TV Providers have gone dismally awry. As designed, broadcasters could elect … [Read more...]

Retransmission Consent: Fair, or Not?

image: Iger of Disney

There is a ground swell of comments and opinions on how current Retransmission Consent provisions, enacted by lawmakers in 1992, have evolved into bloody battles between Pay TV operators and Broadcasters leaving consumers in the middle, while increasingly without programming at the most inopportune … [Read more...]

Retrans-Consent: Be Careful What You Ask For!

With the recent battle between Cablevision and Disney over Retransmission Consent in New York regarding WABC-TV carriage on Cablevisions 3.1 million subscribers, and thereby producing a coalition of Cable Providers to petition the FCC to intervene in negotiations, is akin to the saying: (be careful … [Read more...]

Fox Vs Time Warner Cable: More Revenues for Fox-Higher Rates for Consumers

Two giants in the telecommunications industry battle publicly over Retransmission Consent. Both Fox and Time Warner Cable have let cooler heads prevail in their war over money to be doled out in fees to Fox by extending their negotiations beyond the Dec 31, 2009 deadline. At issue, the Fox owned … [Read more...]

Retrans Fees Could Reach $1.2 Billion By 2011: SNL Kagan

And you wonder why consumer cable bills continue to rise under such economic pressures handed to the Cable Industry under these current rules. Although the Broadcast Industry has lost most of its network support revenues, relying on advertiser income, while continuing to lose viewership; it does … [Read more...]