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Telecom Industry News

Industry News for Telecom market focusing on convergence of telephone carrier emergence into cable, mobile, wireless providers

TelcoVision 2013: Adding Broadband to Conference Mix

TelcoVision 2013 Alternate Image

TelcoVision, formerly TelcoTV, is broadening its industry vision for their 2013 conference in Las Vegas, NV. While their primary focus has been on video, sponsors UBM and NTCA realized the importance of adding broadband as a primary and growing source of revenues for a Telco-Cable future. With the … [Read more...]

National Infrastructure Crisis: Improving Distribution Metrics

Picture of NINA Access Pathway curb deployment

  Not understanding the need for a newer, more economically sound, eco-friendly, and secure utilities infrastructure can be a (socio-economic disaster in the making), if top leaders of U.S. industry and government do not seek a solution to our historically aged telecommunications, power, and … [Read more...]

Verizon Aggressively Upgrades Network | Becoming Go-To Mobile Carrier

Wireless Networks - Average Data Speeds Chart

Coverage about Mobile Providers keeping up with demand on their networks has been a favorite topic of mine for some time. Verizon seems to be seeing the value in offering a stellar product as it aggressively moves to upgrade its network infrastructure to accommodate use of 4G LTE technology. It is … [Read more...]

Universal Service Fund: Inefficiencies and Abuse


Universal Service Fund Mandates We all know the inefficiencies and abuse which can arise when subsidies are mandated in funding either incentives or motivation for private companies to provide services that are deemed economically unfeasible to deliver to some constituents. This designation, … [Read more...]

Verizon’s Broadband Monster: Where do they go from here?

Verizon Wireless Logo

After spending $23 billion on a technology that is ahead of its time for most ISP’s, Verizon has stepped up its broadband monster, (FTTH) to deliver speeds in which most consumers probably cannot afford or need, leaving businesses  to decide if the speed is worth the money, after just releasing its … [Read more...]

Telecoms in Canada

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, who would have ever thought that the way people communicate would reach the heights that it has today?Far from a typical landline call, there is now video calling, teleconferencing, e-mail, fax, instant messaging, text messaging, mobile … [Read more...]

Why Cable-Telco’s Should Not Ignore FTTH!

Has Verizon seen past the critics of FTTH in realizing that it will ultimately be the (End Game)? Do not try to convince the Cable Industry like Comcast or Time Warner Cable, or Telco’s like AT&T, who have their own version of what the broadband landscape should look like, at least in the near … [Read more...]

Outlook for Cable Vs Telco/DBS: a Continuing Slide according to SNL Kagan

Subscribers in Millions   Multi-Channel Providers 2008 2013 2019 Cable TV 63.2 60.7 DBS 32.2 33.6 33 Telco 6.7 16.7 Over-the-Top Substitution 7.1 14 Cable’s dominance … [Read more...]

J.D. Powers reveal top awards in best Residential Telephone Provider Survey

According to a J. D. Power & Associates press release, the best of the best in an Overall Customer Satisfaction with Residential Telephone Service Survey taken in 2009 give Bright House Networks, Cox Communications and Wide Open West the highest ranking in Residential Telephone Customer … [Read more...]